Move over you Type A-leaders, I need to create a world (again)!

What is keeping all of us going now!!!
original ©Debbie Tung (took the liberty to modify for today’s pandemic situation)

The picture above was drawn 5 years ago to depict an introvert’s comfort zone. Hello 2020!! and suddenly, this looks like the lives of most of us lucky ones – than those fighting against an invisible enemy on the front-line. A year ago, if you asked any of the self-proclaimed extroverts – the above picture was something to laugh about. Today, one single micro-organism has unified the world in more ways than one – least of all to say how all of us have now become “An Introvert”! When I started my MBA in Manchester, one of the first things done by the faculty was to carry out a personality assessment – I can’t seem to recollect but think it was Hartman personality test or maybe Myers-Briggs, wherein the 100+ cohort was classified broadly into 4 colours –  Red, motivated by power; Blue, motivated by intimacy; Green, motivated by peace; and Yellow, motivated by fun.

I was borderline between Green & Yellow!!

One of things that was clearly articulated to us was the “Reds” are the ones that are usually the CEOs, CFOs and the world leaders! They are the ones who take important, critical decisions and bludgeon the rest of the organisation into following in their bloody footsteps! In the Myers-Briggs classification – they are the ESTP (Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) types – Born to lead. Most world leaders fall into this enviable category. They are the ‘here and now’ than let’s take it easy and slow. The efforts of almost all personality development programs, public speaking courses, sales coaching programs was to mould you, shape you into a ‘Red ESTP’ rather than magnify your strengths which could be actually being calm and NOT jumping into ‘solution mode’

BUT the world is going through a reboot/ reset. The many REDs who are hyper, itching to meet people and failing to sit at home despite the lockdowns – are maybe slowly being removed. The world maybe shifting from “survival of the fittest” to “survival of the introvert”. The extroverts have an inability to stay still – self included . They try to find excuses, ways to be outside – be it shopping for ‘essentials’ every other day or for going out to ‘fill fuel’ or because the government said it is ok – going for a run in the park or to walk the dog! The REDs derive their energy from being dominant and being the leader. How can you be a leader ‘of the people’ when you are the only one around yourself? They crave the attention, they crave the submission of their followers into their ideas, methods. If they continue in the same vain, soon they will be an extinct species.

Another SELF explanatory ‘Introver Doodle’ (from BoredPanda)

As the world that we know today – is nearly coming to a standstill and maybe an end – a new world needs to be created. This is the time for the Introvert in you to wake up – to be creative, to adapt and set the pace for the new world to begin. A recent article in the Financial Times – ‘The Pandemic is a Portal’ by the author Arundhati Roy refers to how pandemics have forced humans to break away from the past and start afresh. That this time is indeed a gateway – walk through it leaving behind prejudices, religious discrimination, racial differences, smokey skies, polluted air and maybe who knows the super-extroverts!! Walk into the new world lightly with little luggage from the old world!

The power today is with the ISFJ types (as per Myers-Brigg) – those who are sympathetic, keen observers and highly perceptive. They need to be the new ‘God’ to create and ironically enough – lead from the front into the new Garden of Eden. In the new world, there could be personality development courses on being an introvert – how to hold your over-enthusiasm and ‘let’s get it done right away’ attitude to ‘slow and steady wins the race’. It will be a time of patience and calmness winning over boisterous and quick decision makers. The world is resetting, rebooting……….

On a ligther note, I have only my wife and daughter to talk to mostly. While previously, I may have spent atmost 20-30 minutes talking to them (not counting the obvious to-do list exchanges or the arguments or the good nights), now there is no lack of time 🙂 Working in a sales role where I am expected to talk to a lot of customers every other day, that rug has suddenly been pulled out from under my foot, thanks to Covid and so – what do I do? Below illustration (again from Bored panda and maybe Debbie herself) clearly articulates the thought process of this Yellow-Green type – a Myers-Brigg ENFP (shit! I am classified Extrovert… googles on how to change E to I in my basic characteristic!!)

on the other side of the portal – I WILL BE HEARD !!! 🙂

~ by Vineesh Mathew on April 7, 2020.

2 Responses to “Move over you Type A-leaders, I need to create a world (again)!”

  1. You are being heard! Hope you guys are safe and well! 🙂

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